Why De Herberg Lodge and De Aar?

What makes us different

De Aar is one of the five regional towns in Northern Cape where several Goverment Departments have regional offices. We have excellent schools. Every year the Karoo Festival of the High School De Aar takes place in town and has grown quiet a lot over the past years. Since last year the agricultural show was also incorporated with the festival.

Outside of town is 97 Ammo Depot - which is now the largest of its kind in the country, with an airfield where bigger aeroplanes can land.We also have an airfield that is used by smaller aeroplanes. The brand new hospital is done and with some of the very best facilities, served by several kinds of specialists, doctors and other highly qualified medical people of various kinds. It should be fully operational very soon.

In town one will find, Checkers, Shoprite, Foschini, Truwoths, Truwoths Man, Fashion Express, Jet stores, American Swiss,Total sports, Midas as well as local businesses like Hennies, Novels, Venotec, Mtn, De Aar Glassworks, and others of very high standard, to name some. We have excellent doctors. The local restuarants are very popular and includes some good take-away places. Locally we also have a KFC.

The town also host two old age homes, where good care are taken of our elderly.

De Aar also has several solar and wind farms, while Eskom, Telkom, Rocla, Aveng Empowa are some of the big companies which also invested in town.

Upon appointment the local weather station can be visited. The well-known writer, Olive Scrheiner, whose husband was the local town clerk, used to live in De Aar. Their house can still be seen and is now used as a restaurant.

De Aar is halfway between Namibia and the Garden route and the ideal place for a sleepover. We are excellently located for travellers between Kgalagadi National Park and the Garden Route.